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By on March 14, 2016

Kayak Adventures Worldwide

Seward, Alaska —


Kayak Adventures Worldwide is a small, local shop that concentrates solely on educational and environmentally friendly sea kayaking tours. Their trips require no previous kayaking experience, just an adventurous spirit and a desire to learn and explore the great Alaskan wilderness! They love to share the beauty and magnificence of the Alaskan wilderness with people and hope to connect you to, and educate you about the wonders of the areas in which they paddle. Resurrection Bay and the Kenai Fjords National Park are both phenomenal areas of pristine beauty and are both best explored by kayak!

Shearwater Cove

Shearwater Cove offers oceanfront yurt rentals and access to kayak adventures in Resurrection Bay near Fox Island. The Cove is ten miles by water from Seward, AK and is accessible only by boat. Experience a few nights tucked into a yurt surrounded by stunning, wild scenery, and explore Fox Island and Humpy Cove at your leisure in Shearwater Cove’s kayaks during the day!